Workshop: Yoga Integral in October

Yoga Integral “A Strong body, a Flexible Mind and a Useful life”

Saturday 21. Oct. 23 kl. 9:30 – 11:30

In this workshop, Clementine will invite you to discover through practice: a Modern yoga called Yoga Integral or Purna Yoga.

Yoga Integral is a genius blend with ancient techniques but a contemporary philosophy. Inspired by the teachings of Sri Aurobindo of Yoga Integral with the oldest traditions, philosophy and rituals of the Buddhism Tibetan Tantra, and combine with the contemporary twist of The Maestro Ricardo Garcia in Argentina.

Yoga Integral as a deep anchor to modern social life. A yoga based on the development of each individual, full of surprises and freedom. The student can develop the capacity to live the best life possible and find unconditional support in the community called “Sangha” in Buddhism.

In this Workshop, we will share the time between the dynamic practice of physical Yoga (a great harmony of strength, balance and flexibility poses) and a chat around the philosophy of Yoga Integral from the creation of the Yoga to the practice and the diffusion around the world. We will be exploring all the different techniques and the creative potential that Yoga Integral has to offer.

Clementine is inviting you to book your space to enjoy the opportunity on the Saturday 21st. of October from 9:30am to 11:30am in the Studio Yoga4Alle.

Pris for kurset, reservasjon og betaling

Book your seat through mail and confirm it by paying your price, see below, using Vipps nr. 69 69 50 (Yoga4Alle).

  • kr. 575,- Ordinær pris
  • kr. 515,- Rabattert pris for kunder med klippekort
  • kr. 455,- Rabattert pris for kunder med medlemskap i Yoga4Alle

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