Workshop: Meditation in November

Meditation “Mental Habits, awareness and Deeper Consciousness”

Saturday 4. Nov. 23 kl. 12:00 to 14:00this event has been cancelled!

Do you meditate? Are you a Yoga student or Instructor? This workshop is for you. For two hours, we will explore some deeper aspects of our regular practice of Meditation. We will introduce the concept of Dharma and Karma and study the limitations of the mind.

Through the practice, we will try to wake up the spiritual energy of the most subtle chakra, Experiencing a blissful moment, Developing sensitivity and opening ourselves up to the experience of a divine connection that goes far beyond yourself. Enjoy the sacred gift for yourself and eventually being able to share with the world. We will experience pure Mindfulness, Pranayama (breathing tools), Concentration, Visualizations, Mudras, Mantras and Buddhism rituals from Tantra.

We will share and chat our experiences between us as in a “Satsanga” and with a cup of tea. It is called “Sangha” in Buddhism to refer to the community of people on the spiritual path.

Book your space on the Saturday 4th of November at Yoga4Alle from 12:00 to 14:00.

Pris for kurset, reservasjon og betaling

Book your seat through mail and confirm it by paying your price, see below, using Vipps nr. 69 69 50 (Yoga4Alle).

  • kr. 575,- Ordinær pris
  • kr. 515,- Rabattert pris for kunder med klippekort
  • kr. 455,- Rabattert pris for kunder med medlemskap i Yoga4Alle

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